Organizing favorites and cleaning up my queue

Thursday, March 10, 2016

One of my goals for my knitting life is to get my Ravelry notebook organized so I can use the database features Rav offers more efficiently. I've had a bad habit of just favoriting or queueing everything without thought, so over the past few weeks, I've spent some time cleaning up my favorites and my queue. Let's start with the queue. Until very recently, my practice was to just save patterns I liked to my queue. Maybe I would knit them someday, maybe not. When I started my organization project, I decided that my queue would strictly be for projects that I've committed to make. So today my queue looks like this:

That's it, only two items, one baby sweater and a sweater for myself. I am committed to making both of these items. That doesn't mean that the order never changes - I need a birthday gift for a baby next month, so I've put that ahead of Acorn Trails. Moreover, I may just go ahead and cast on projects that never make the queue. The queue just means that I *will* make the item in question.

I am a lot less discriminating about what I add to my favorites, but I have been using the "bundles" feature to keep them organized. Everything I favorite goes into a bundle:

I don't take items out of favorites, even if I've made them (like Accola) or have them on my needles (Leaves of Grass).

I wish that Rav would update the layout of the projects page to allow for similar organization and make it more image-centric than the current database. What do you think?

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