2015 - What I've FINISHED - and what I didn't.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Looking at my Ravelry projects list, I noticed a few things about my finished projects list.  For one thing, there aren't very many of them. Between January 1, 2015 and today, I've only finished 5 projects. To be fair, one of them, Life Cycle, was a very long project. Plus I lost a good month or two of knitting time to my nerve injury in the Spring.

But the main thing I noticed is that all my projects were knit for someone else, either as a gift or a custom project. That needs to change in 2016. I'll still continue to knit for the people I love, but I need to make sure that at least some of my projects are for me.

(Wait, I lie! I did finish something for me, but I started it in 2014. That's my Custom-Fit scoop neck T. I finished it and I wear it.)

I've decided that I am finished with Mystery Knit-alongs. I did two this year, and the first wasn't a style I ended up liking. The second, I do like the pattern, but I bought the yarn with a specific person in mind and we have had a falling out, so now I have an almost-finished cowl in a color that isn't me that has an unpleasant association. Not sure what to do with it, other than stick it in a bag. Maybe give it away to someone else.

I'm also finished, at least for next year, with joining the official One Little Word project. Not only did I not finish my album, I didn't even start it. But I am going to choose a word to focus on for 2016.