Back on track

Friday, October 2, 2015

After a month-long hiatus from knitting last spring due to a horrible pinched nerve in my neck that radiated pain down my right arm to hands, I finally am back on track with my knitting projects. I was terrified that I had carpal tunnel syndrome, but my nephew the physical therapist told me he didn't think that was the problem and my PT here in Pittsburgh got be back on track in a matter of weeks.

The first thing I needed to finish was the Life Cycle blanket I was making for my new baby niece. I have not come to terms yet with the word one uses when one's nephew becomes a father. Great aunts are little old ladies, who knit and drink tea and look like Miss Marple. And uses words like "one's." I only fit three of those criteria, and looking like Miss Marple is not one of them. I managed to finish the blanket in time for the shower in August. It was the only handmade gift. I often worry that people won't understand the effort and, yes, expense, that goes into handknit items, but the blanket was the hit of the shower. If I say so myself.

 Once that was done, I owed my friend Melody her Hybrid Vigour, which I finished just in time for early fall.

I haven’t felt much like coming up with new designs. I'm really enjoying making other people's designs, especially lace. Right now, I'm working on two mystery knit-a-longs, one that I started right before my injury and another that is currently running, and then it's time to do my holiday knitting. Then we'll see.


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