Checkered Moebius

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NOTE: I have since had the pattern tested and tech edited and it is now available for sale.

I've been thrilled by the responses to my first pattern, the Mossy Rib Cowl. Since its release on October 7, it's been downloaded almost 400 times and, even better, several people have posted Ravelry Projects.  Very exciting for a beginning designer!

Today I'm releasing a new free pattern, the Checkered Moebius. Moebius knitting is another of those "seems complex, but isn't really" techniques that I love so much. When you knit a moebius, you need to use a very long circular needle to casting on pairs of stitches. The knitting spreads from the middle out.

If you've never made a moebius before, have no fear! This video tutorial by moebius master Cat Bohdi will get you on the right track quickly.

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