I'd like to use a lifeline, Regis.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm taking a break from MHK 1 to work on the Halligarth Shawl from Brooklyn Tweed. I adore Brooklyn Tweed's aesthetic and sophisticated, texture-rich patterns. Yum. (Note to the Universe: One day, I would like to design something  for them)

Lace has often stumped me in the past because it's so darn hard to fix mistakes. With knit and purl patterns, and even cables, it's easy to fix mistakes with a crochet hook. But lace? No. With all its yarn overs and right and left leaning decreases, it's too easy to completely lose track of what is happening and end up with an ungodly mess.

Then I learned about the lifeline. A lifeline is simply a strand of a contrasting, smooth yarn (I'm using white cotton) than you thread through a purl row. That way, no matter how badly you mess something up, you only have to rip back as far as your lifeline. Genius!

I've been placing the line at the start of each vertical repeat, but since as the shawl gets wider, I'm going to add it half way through. Only two repeats left until I start the edging! 

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